How does piano lesson benefit your kids?

piano benefit to kids and children

Piano is a wonderful musical instrument that allows you to feel relaxed whether you listen or play by yourself. There are many benefits that can be gained from learning piano for adults as well as children, including brain development, stress relief, coordination of various parts of the body and many more. They develop a variety of skills and piano lessons, giving them benefits for behavior and health that will stay with them for life.

Mental and health development

One of the benefits of piano lessons for young children is brain development and mental health. When children begin to play the piano, different parts of the brain will be simulated. The piano requires them to coordinate multiple parts of your body. All the pieces and tones are played differently, so learning to piano will sharpen their brains. They can also play different songs with each hand and the brain will receive instructions from each hand.

Other than that, there is nothing more soothing to you than music, especially classical notes. When children start playing the piano, it helps them express their emotions in performance / practice. Playing emotions through this tool will help them relieve stress. Not only that, when they start playing, you will see a lot of confidence in them and the success that will boost morale and self-esteem.

Help in education

It has been researched and proven through surveys of children who know how to play the piano or other musical instruments that demonstrate the improvement of their overall academic performance. It is true that piano learning helps them in their studies. When testing students with knowledge of musical instruments such as piano, get higher scores in various fields. Research shows that children who play piano score very well in mathematics and other similar subjects that need problem solving skills.

Increase self-esteem

It’s not easy to learn a musical instrument and the piano is also difficult. You will see for yourself when your child completed a song, it will result in increased encouragement and self-esteem. Studying the piano is the most rewarding experience.

Problem solving

In the piano learning process, children develop a positive attitude towards coping difficulties. These children develop problem solving skills and patience. They will understand that only patience, focus, and continuous hard work will make them master the piano.

Increase focus

Reading musical notes and playing them, you need to concentrate. Children need to concentrate and focus on one track as they interpret the notes and move their hands / fingers through the keyboard to play the rhythm. This work helps to improve their critical thinking and creativity, as when they play one note is complete, they must move to another one immediately.

Development of coordination in various parts of the body

The piano requires good hand-eye coordination. Children who learn piano work better together because playing the piano requires both hands.

Helps to learn to pick up other tools.

Children who learn how to play the piano will find it easier to pick up other musical instruments compared to other children who have never touched any instrument. During piano lessons, children will experience music in Different styles. Once the children have mastered the piano, they will quickly play the instrument of their choice.

More discipline

Children who have received piano lessons from the start will have a complete understanding of the meaning of discipline and make them more organized compared to other children. They understand that hard work and dedication will deliver. The result is a worthwhile success.

Reinforce personality

In addition to physical skills and psychological development, learning piano can help you improve your personality and image. You will get sophistication and politeness while studying the piano and give you a good overall personality and mood. Studying the piano is not that easy and other people tend to call you smart and genius that gives you confidence.

There are different research results obtained from various surveys by institutions and experts. These studies explain the benefits of piano lessons in child development.

• McGill University, Montreal, found that children who have studied piano for about 3 years have been proven to have a high score in testing general development and cognition. Compared to other children, they show signs of improvement in mathematics, engineering and other subjects that require problem solving skills

• University of Michigan State revealed that piano lessons help reduce stress and anxiety of people.

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