What is the best age to start learning music?

When to start learning music

Most of the frequent asked questions are “When to start music lessons?” or “What is the best age to start learning music?”. ThailandCourseHub will answer those questions throughout this article.

Start early but start easy

Music learning can be started as early as ages of 1-3. At very early age, you can have them started by doing easy posture like clapping and tapping together with the easy beat. Then, select songs that has easy tempo that can be matched with hands rhythm or dance rhythm. Other props like toy or doll can be added into the activity to make it more interesting for the kid.

By letting them play or participate with tapping on an object and let them explore the sound of each tapping and by having them engage with the music will make it easier for them to learn music in more advanced lessons. So, at early age we should design the activities to be done in interesting and fun manners. For example, mixed music notes and turn it into the games which can indirectly stimulate the visual and memory.

Learning from Music lessons

Songs can teach multiple concepts and stories for example singing the ABC song can help a child learn the alphabet, and Ten Little Indians teaches counting. If your kids take a liking to a song they will likely keep listening to it all over and that will help them learn through a repetition.

Move to other instruments

Once your kids have early exposure to the music, you can then start introducing new instrument. But still, you should start with the simple instrument that they can shake or simply touch it. Once they grew a little bit, then you can gradually move to more advanced instruments like Piano.

Early participation in music also creates a lifelong benefit in school areas and other areas too. You can read more from here.


In this article we have pointed out and have answered the commonly asked question of “When to start music lessons?” or “What is the best age to start learning music?”. To recap the answer is that Music can actually start at the very young age. And, the main consideration is to have it well-designed for infant development. In the end, music will eventually grant you many benefits both physically and mentally. For more information about the Benefit of Music, you can read the benefit of Music and Piano further from this Link.

Source : http://www.seimpi-music.com.sg/site/blog/273-age-to-learn.html

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